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Kiwis in Business

Nov 29, 2021

Planning what to cook each night of the week can be a hassle – but it doesn’t have to be! That’s the message from MenuAid, a food technology platform that is solving the what’s for dinner dilemma in a new, exciting and innovative way. It provides weekly recipe inspiration, editable shopping lists and flexible shopping options.

Today, we’re joined by MenuAid co-founder Elise Hilliam, who after travelling the world for a year with her partner Toby, joined forces with Toby to set up this business. Toby and Elise have partnered with celebrity chefs Brett McGregor and Helen Jackson to create recipes each week.

Elise studied nutrition at university and has always loved cooking and the community that food creates and loves bringing Kiwis delicious, easy meals that are good for them each week. In this episode we hear more about this startup’s journey and the big ambitions they have to take it global.